Fully Automated Production System

Live webcasts for any club and school

Live broadcasting has long been reserved for professional sports. With the Pixellot S, any sports organization can now produce high-quality game video and stream it to fans, players and coaches, live or on demand.

End to End Automatic Production
Reducing production costs to a minimum, our fully automated production systems enable amateur clubs, schools, federations, media platforms and venues to generate live HD  content to power their own digital media services, boost fan engagement and improve their coaching processes. What’s more, Pixellot footage is interactive and delivered to any device. It lets fans watch their favorite team from anywhere, produce their own highlight clips and even share them on social networks.

How does it work?

Pixellot S  is based on our patented, fully automated production workflow that generates and delivers TV-like footage without a person in the loop.

  • Fixed Installation: Indoors or outdoors, weatherproof
  • Unmanned capture: Panoramic field capture in 6K resolution
  • Automated production: Auto-tracking algorithms follow the flow of play and produce TV-like footage
  • Distributed to any device: Streamed in 4K quality to mobile devices and web platforms
  • Personalized viewing experience: Zoom into any scene, replay, clip and share.


Pixellot S comes with a variety of modules to optimize your system for media or coaching use:

Automatic highlights
Taking auto-production to the next level, this module identifies game highlights like baskets or goals and automatically produces highlight clips.

Editing Module
Share the most exciting plays with your fans! Our editing module lets you cut high quality clips from HD footage, live and post-game, and distribute them on your media channels.

Manual Production Module
Produce any type of sports game and events and cover also anything that happens on the field before and after the game.

Coaching Module
Get more insight by reviewing the game by zooming into any play and cut high-quality clips to review with your team and players.

Scoreboard Module
Enrich your broadcasts through an integrated scoreboard display. Choose from a selection of fonts, colors and designs or upload your own personalized scoreboard graphics.

Add a remote or local commentator to follow the action and improve the viewing experience 

Key Features

Full-Field Video Coverage

Auto Production

Panoramic Video

Personal Video