Broadcasting Solution

The all-in-one Pixellot sports production solution enables production companies to cover tier 2 sporting events at a fraction of the cost. It also provides innovative enhancements to current productions of premium sports content.


  • Fully automated, end-to-end video production system
  • Reduce production costs by up to 90%
  • Significantly reduce the number of onsite staff
  • Ultra-high resolution cameras
  • Remote proxy video production technology – requires small crew of cameramen and director to produce an entire sports event


  • Virtual, compact remote production suite
  • Includes 1-3 virtual camera stations and a director’s station
  • Camera station: Full capabilities to select views using joystick and create feeds and replays
  • Director station: Full overview of all camera feeds including automatic camera feed and preset feeds to create broadcast feed
  • Various transition options including animation and dissolve
  • Ability to add graphics and virtual advertising to final broadcast feed


  • Spatial replays: an innovative replay feature that not only enables going back in time but also in space
  • Auto tracking: the system is able to automatically identify and track areas of interest and capture action on the field
  • Tied-to-field graphics – offside, 10 yard line, etc.
  • Virtual advertising

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