Amateur & Youth Sporting Clubs

Youth Sports is now prime time!

Pixellot S automates game filming for amateur and youth sports teams. The low cost, high quality and fully automated video production solution enables production of quality broadcasts at substantially lower costs, and lets fans and family view, select, edit and share highlights and so much more.


  • View game live or VoD
  • Multiple screen viewing options – mobile, laptop, tablet
  • Anytime, anywhere viewing
  • Never miss out on the action – watch at you own leisure


  • Edit games on-the-fly
  • Create customized clips to share on various social media platforms
  • Create game highlights, player highlights, audience reaction clips
  • Easy-to-use web platform for clip creation


  • Exciting and innovative viewing experience using mobile device
  • View any section of the field by moving the mobile device in direction you want to see
  • Rewind and create replays
  • Virtually places viewer at the playing field leaving viewing decision in viewer’s hands

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