Dave Springer – Product Manager

Dave brings a wealth of expertise and years of experience in managing technology-oriented entities from very early stages and turning ideas into realities. He has held a wide variety of positions, in a wide variety of industries, including telecom, opto-electronics, embedded micro-controllers, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, systems for sports, RADARs, control systems and airborne military systems.

Prior to Dave’s involvement in Pixellot, he served as CEO of Mobile Research Labs (MRL) from inception in 2009 until 2013. MRL provides technology for monitoring consumers’ exposure to media and content, using their mobile devices as monitoring devices. MRL received no external funding whatsoever, running solely from its revenues, which were doubled each and every year and which surpassed the $4M mark in 2012, with Google as its largest customer.

Before that, Dave served as CEO of Vumii LTD., a company that develops and manufactures night-vision systems, using a novel laser-illumination technology. Prior to that, Dave managed Elop’s largest program dealing with stabilized observation and surveillance systems on airborne platforms (UAVs and helicopters) alongside British partner Thales, for the British Ministry of Defense (MoD).